About WorkGuru

At WorkGuru we believe that we can all change the way we think about and respond to stress. That's why we have created this evidence-based, interactive online tool. Enabling everyone to learn about the things that they can be doing to increase their mental resilience and manage their stress more effectively.

We know that stress impacts on us as individuals, and impacts on our families, friends, work colleagues and employers. That's why we offer expert support and advice to help our members to practice and develop their new skills.

Our evidence

In 2016, 84 participants from six organisations took part in a randomised controlled trial of WorkGuru. An RCT is regarded as the gold standard in clinical trials. Secondary measures used in this study show that using WorkGuru results in lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress. This study was published in a peer review academic journal and is available from here.

In 2015, 45 people from 2 organisations completed our web-based stress management programme and on-line learning group. Here are the results:

  • Everybody reported that WorkGuru helped them to manage their workplace stress.
  • Stress levels were significantly lower after completing our stress management programme (a mean difference of 4.88). This is a very large effect size (r = 0.62, p = .008)
  • Self –efficacy scores (our confidence and belief that we can succeed) were significantly higher after completing our stress management programme (a mean difference of 2.19). This is a very large effect size (r = 0.60, p = .011).

Our values

At WorkGuru we practice what we preach - we are an organisation that is grounded in our values.

We greet each day and each person with an open heart and open mind and strive to:

  • Be authentic in all that we do
  • Deliver a great service at a great price
  • Take a scientific, evidence based approach to our work (coupled with fun and innovation)
  • Share our passion for and our learning about mental wellbeing with the world
  • Be a great organisation to work for and with

Meet the team

Meet the team

What we offer

  • Over 100 pages of engaging content.
  • 26 interactive exercises.
  • 10 modules.
  • 8 questionnaires.
  • Over 10 hours of material.
  • 5 animations.
  • 3 guided Mindfulness meditations.
  • 1 team of job coaches.
  • 1 weekly motivational email

Benefits to your organisation

  • Increased staff commitment, job satisfaction, retention, improved productivity and performance, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Helps to meet employment law requirements regarding equality, anti discrimination and health and safety.
  • Forms part of an evidence-based workplace health programme.
  • Helps to meet HSE’s standards for managing workplace stress.
  • Integrates with (and provides alternatives to) counselling and EAP services.
  • Contributes to policies on stress management and managing sickness absence.
  • Helps you to meet the Public Health Responsibility Deal's Mental Health & Wellbeing Pledge.

What people say about us

“Loved it! Incredibly useful and I actively told people about it and how useful it’s been (even outside my own organisation)”.

“Great exercise in self reflection and positive changes that can be made for both personal and professional development”.

“WorkGuru allowed me to look at how I am as a person and see how that can influence my job. It also gave me tips on how to stay happy”.

“It is a great way to increase your understanding about managing stress and resilience, but to get the most out of it you do need to put in some effort”.

“I really enjoyed completing some of the modules; particularly the ones that encouraged me to develop my understanding of my personality and my resilience to work based stress. The mindfulness module has convinced me to seek out mindfulness training, I also really liked the Monday Morning Message! A lovely email to receive on a grey Monday morning!”

“I was told about WorkGuru by the OH team at work - I was taking an SSRI and seeing a psychologist after having reached a breaking point with postnatal depression and OCD-like symptoms after returning from maternity leave some months earlier. The psychologist and I were working on specific issues to do with my sense of what I 'needed' to do, and my anxiety levels around that, but the WorkGuru resources were really useful for helping me with my 'homework' for the psychologist. It was also very good to read others' posts and to engage with what they had written: certainly when I began my treatment I felt very alone, worrying that everyone else seemed to be coping effortlessly with everything. The discussion group and resources helped me to realise that this was not the case!”




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