WorkGuru frequently asked questions

1. What is WorkGuru?
WorkGuru is an on-line resilience programme aimed at increasing workplace effectiveness, and reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover.

2. What does 'resilience' mean?
Mental resilience is a psychological term used to describe an individual’s ability to cope with stress and adversity. Our resilience can change over time depending on what is happening to us.

3. Can we increase our resilience?
Research commonly estimates that 50% of our resilience is down to genetics and 10% down to the environment. That leaves 40% that is within our control. There is strong evidence that by developing more flexible thinking and active coping styles, learning relaxation techniques and modifying our lifestyles we can increase our ability to manage stress and change more effectively.

4. Who is WorkGuru for?
WorkGuru is for everyone. It is for people who want:

  • To learn techniques to help them work more effectively.
  • To learn how to manage their stress and anxiety.
  • Support to return to work from sick leave.
  • Emotional and practical support to find a job.

5. What is the age range?
WorkGuru has been designed for people over the age of 18. That doesn’t mean that the exercises in WorkGuru aren’t relevant to younger people, just that we haven’t written the material to particularly appeal to that age group.

6. Why does WorkGuru focus on work?
We recognise the importance that work plays in all our lives. Not only for people who are in work, but also for people who are unemployed, on sick leave or even retired; our experience of work impacts on us all. We also recognise that for many of us our workplace is a source of constant change and that it is important for us as individuals and for our employers that we are able to manage that change.

7. Why do you talk about stress?
Stress is a broad term that is used by individuals to describe emotional or physical difficulties that they may be facing. We know that 1 in 6 workers are affected by anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress yet many are unwilling to discuss their difficulties at work. WorkGuru helps people to identify symptoms and causes of stress or anxiety.

8. How much does it cost?
3 months access to WorkGuru costs £60, this is inclusive of 20% VAT (£50 excluding VAT). We offer multiple package pricing for people wishing to purchase more than 50 membership places for their employees or clients. For more information about purchasing multiple places please contact us at theteam@workguru.org. or telephone on 0800 088 6013.

9. Free access for 24 hours?
Anyone can access WorkGuru free for 24 hours. This means that you can look around the site before you decide whether or not you want to purchase 3 months access.

10. Who are our main customers?
The main customers for WorkGuru are employers who purchase access to the programme for their staff as part of a wellbeing initiative. Individuals can also purchase WorkGuru.

11. What is Monday Morning Message?
Every Monday morning we send out an email message to people who select to receive it. You don’t need to be a WorkGuru member to receive the message. The message will contain wise words, working smarter tips and a feel good factor for the week. You can opt in to the message via the front page of WorkGuru

12. What is Messaging a JobCoach?
Our Job Coach can provide support and advice to help individuals complete the WorkGuru modules. You can contact the Job Coach using the messaging button at the top of the web page. The Job Coach will respond within 24 hours.

13. Who are our Job Coaches?
All our Job Coaches have a diploma in executive coaching or a related therapy and all have extensive experience of offering 1 to 1 coaching.

14. How do I work through WorkGuru?
WorkGuru offers 17 modules containing 26 interactive exercises. It has been designed for you to select which modules are of most interest and use to you, and for you to work through them at your own pace.

15. What are the self-monitoring questionnaires?
Our self-monitoring questionnaires are standardised assessment tests. They are all recognised and used by researchers and health professionals. There are 13 questionnaires which include assessments for stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, satisfaction, work and wellbeing and mindfulness.

16. I’ve changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
Anyone is able to access WorkGuru free for 24 hours, so you are able to view the programme before you make a purchase. This means that refunds will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Requests for a refund must be made within 7 days of purchasing a place on WorkGuru and only if the service has not been accessed in this time. Once the service has been accessed you forfeit your right to a refund. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.

16. I've changed my mind. Can I get a refund?
Refunds will only be granted if they are requested within 7 days of purchasing a place on WorkGuru and only if the service has not been accessed in this time. Once the service has been accessed you forfeit your right to a refund.

For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.




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