WorkGuru, One Of Only Four NHS Apps Found To Be Clinically Effective

Digital health is becoming a booming industry. At its best it can be a time efficient, cost effective way of delivering, convenient, evidence based health treatment to people, At its worst it can be mere snake oil, promising much, and delivering nothing. A recent article for Wired on the effectiveness of mental health apps states that:

Most apps designed for mental health sufferers, including those endorsed by the NHS, are clinically unproven and potentially ineffective.”

The article describes WorkGuru as one of only four NHS mental health apps that has been found to be clinically effective. This article was in response to a paper published in Evidence-Based Mental Health by Simon Leigh and Steve Flatt. In the process of developing their own mental health app, the authors looked at the apps currently on the market that were being promoted by the NHS, and looked at each of their websites to see if they were publishing outcome evidence for their work. The authors found that only four out of the fourteen apps were publishing any form of patient outcome measures, WorkGuru was one of those four.

We are thrilled that we are getting recognition for the work that we do; and that our emphasis on providing support that has been proven to help people manage stress more effectively is leading the way in digital mental health.

Our CEO Stephany Carolan doesn’t like the term ‘app’, she says:

While there are things that we can all be doing every day to improve our mental health, there are no quick fixes. The term ‘app’ suggests superficiality and WorkGuru definitely isn’t superficial. It requires people to engage with our programme, and that is one of our strengths. We work hard to help people get the most out of our interactive modules.”

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