Busyness versus Productivity

jugglerOne of the things that I have noticed in my work with organisations, is that many organisations have what I now call “organisational busyness” – where it becomes almost impossible to get important meetings in diaries, where it is hard to get anyone to commit to anything because they are just too busy to give it any thought, and where people pride themselves and see their value in their busyness. Busyness becomes a cultural norm within an organisation – something to aspire to. But busyness does not equate to productivity; it often acts as an impediment. Here are 7 tell-tale signs which can show you the difference between a busy person and a productive person

  A busy person A productive person
1. Has a long to-do list Only has up to 3 items on their to-do list


2. Says yes quickly Says yes slowly – they take the time to evaluate


3. Multi task Does one thing at the time


4. Focuses on the process (meetings, meetings, meetings) and tasks Focuses on what they want to achieve – on the results


5. Acts – then thinks Thinks before they act


6. Is governed by their technology Controls their technology


7. Has multiple goals Sets their priorities – and protects them


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