Brexit and Workplace Mental Health

As we enter this new and unknown post-Brexit landscape, now is the time more then ever for employers to invest in their staff’s mental wellbeing.

The last few weeks have created a seismic shift in British politics, leading to political uncertainty and tension, which for many people have led to personal concerns about financial and job security.

And it isn’t just this shifting landscape that has caused tension in the workplace; the tension was evident even before the result of the referendum was known. You could feel it on social media: friends taking different sides and arguing and persuading from different perspectives. Take that hostility and mix it up with us being hurled into the unknown with what feels like a total absence of leadership, vision or even a plan and you can see how this can impact on our wellbeing and our workplace relationships.

So, if we can’t rely on national leadership, then we turn to our employers to provide that vision. We may not know all the answers – in fact at the moment we don’t even know what the questions are, but we are looking to our employers to articulate their vision for a post-Brexit landscape.

Supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace has always been important but as we enter into this unknown world supporting our staff to increase their resilience and manage workplace stress has become even more essential. We cannot underestimate the impact that of years of uncertainty can have on us, but we can invest in mental wellbeing to ensure that we are as robust as we can be to ride out any impending storm.

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