A Lifetime Approach To Reducing Workplace Stress

Does WorkGuru provide a quick fix for workplace stress? No, sorry; but what we do provide is a psychologically robust, long-term change in the way that people respond to stressful situations.

I have yet to see a piece of wearable tech or a downloadable app that provides a meaningful approach to building emotional resilience. Resilience can only ever be achieved in a sustained way through increasing self-awareness, improving flexible thinking and learning active coping skills. If we want to respond to stress differently we need to break old thinking habits and create new ones – and that takes effort and time. WorkGuru provides the insight, the knowledge and the support needed to achieve meaningful behavioural change that will result in a lasting reduction in stress and a sustained increase in emotional resilience.

The stress industry is continuing to expand and continuing to make unrealistic promises. Academic research and clinical practice can tell us what works, but in the translation of that knowledge to the workplace it becomes watered down and ineffective. Take for example Mindfulness meditation – there is a huge and growing body of research to support Mindfulness. But Mindfulness is more than just meditation; it is a philosophy – a philosophy that is challenging. But the stress industry has interpreted the evidence to suggest that a 10 minutes guided meditation on its own will result in a long-term reduction in stress. It won’t – but if taught properly, it can be a useful relaxation tool.

I would love to tell you that we have invented a miracle cure to the epidemic of stress – I’m sorry but miracle cures are just not possible. What we have developed though is an engaging, web-based stress management intervention that uses proven psychological interventions, alongside one-to-one support from our coaches to help people learn the skills and techniques that they need to boost their resilience and manage workplace stress more effectively – skills that will last them a lifetime, not just a lunchtime.

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